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Will the Pandemic Disrupt Dress-Coding? Not Likely.

Ms., August 20, 2020


Girls and women are always judged for choosing comfort—but what "comfort" means, even now, is not necessarily what you think.

Before the pandemic, girls and women who wore what they wanted when they wanted were at risk of being "dress-coded"—called out for being inappropriately provocative. (Remember last year's leggings controversy?)


But with those still fortunate enough to have a laptop job luxuriating in comfortable clothes, I speculated now could be the time when norms change. After all, if Georgia school districts may not impose mask mandates for students to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus, then surely comfort is having its moment.


Yet at the same time, some schools already have banned students from wearing pajamas during remote learning. In fact, rather than disrupt dress-coding, the pandemic exposes who gets to be comfortable and what "comfort" means.  


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