Leora Tanenbaum

I Am Not a Slutt offers both a wake-up call about the dangerous impact of the word ‘slut’ and a path forward to talk about sex and sexuality in an open, positive, and nonjudgmental way.” -Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
"The woman who exposed slut-bashing, cat-fighting, and God-reclaiming takes on women's masochistic relationship with their feet. Run (while you still can) to your nearest bookstore and save your sole." - Jennifer Baumgardner, author of Look Both Ways and Manifesta
"The most comprehensive overview of the status of women and religion I've read. It chronicles the harm religion can do to both men and women, but also holds out a promise of radiant hope."
--Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God
“Incisive exploration of a long-taboo subject--how and why women sabotage one another.”
--Gail Sheehy
“An eye-opening book.”

What Teen Sexting Reveals About Women and Sexual Coercion

Time, January 18, 2018

In this #MeToo moment, women are coming forward not only with accounts of having been sexually assaulted and harassed by their superiors but also with stories of having had sex they didn’t want with their peers: They went along with it because they felt pressured, as a recently published account of an anonymous woman’s date with the comedian Aziz Ansari illustrated. All of this has led to a big question: Why? Why do so many women agree to unwanted sex? Why don’t they just say “no” when there is no physical force used against them? One answer is that their conditioning starts young.

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