Leora Tanenbaum

I Am Not a Slutt offers both a wake-up call about the dangerous impact of the word ‘slut’ and a path forward to talk about sex and sexuality in an open, positive, and nonjudgmental way.” -Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
"The woman who exposed slut-bashing, cat-fighting, and God-reclaiming takes on women's masochistic relationship with their feet. Run (while you still can) to your nearest bookstore and save your sole." - Jennifer Baumgardner, author of Look Both Ways and Manifesta
"The most comprehensive overview of the status of women and religion I've read. It chronicles the harm religion can do to both men and women, but also holds out a promise of radiant hope."
--Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God
“Incisive exploration of a long-taboo subject--how and why women sabotage one another.”
--Gail Sheehy
“An eye-opening book.”

Wear Comfortable Shoes! Long Lines at Met's McQueen Exhibit

The Huffington Post, August 2, 2011

Each day, seven thousand people wait for hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to look at women's high-fashion clothes designed by Alexander McQueen. The exhibit, Savage Beauty, on view through August 7, showcases highlights of the career of the British fashion designer who committed suicide last year at the age of 40. According to the New York Times critic Holland Cotter, the show is "a button-pushing marvel: ethereal and gross, graceful and utterly manipulative, and poised on a line where fashion turns into something else." I arrived the other day to view the exhibit during the special early-morning members' hour. At 8:15am, a hundred people were already waiting. By 8:30, another hundred were snaking around the fountain at the 81st street entrance. By 9:30am, four hundred people had arrived. I came to find out two things: What is all the fuss about? And -- what do the shoes look like?

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