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Kitten Heels? Meow!

The Huffington Post, September 1, 2010

When I saw that the September issue of Harper's Bazaar contains an article on "The Return to Kitten Heels," I was ready to purr. I routinely recommend kitten heels as the perfect compromise for women who want to look elegant and sexy without the pain of four-inch dominatrix stilettos. Traditionally, a "kitten heel" refers to a shoe with a 1.5-2-inch slender heel with a slight curve, somewhat resembling a comma. The heel is set in from the edge of the shoe.

But inexplicably, fashion writer Anamaria Wilson wrinkles her nose at kitten heels, lamenting that "the primly proportioned number is everywhere for fall." Wilson proudly tells us that she exclusively wears "towering platform heels" and that kittens make her look "like a banker or a hostess or a secretary. In other words: boring. And sad." When test-driving a pair of 2.3-inch slingbacks, she felt "dowdy, like a '50s frump." Switching to a 2.7-inch pair of pointy-toe slingbacks didn't help because they made Wilson feel "twee and bored." She "craved the zing of a shoe that makes people use the word sick in the most positive of connotations."

Reader, shoes with 2.7-inch heels are not kitten heels.

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