Leora Tanenbaum

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Because of Slut-Shaming the Wrap Dress Still Matters

The Huffington Post, July 14, 2015

The wrap dress is over four decades old, but in today's environment it is as relevant as ever. In her new biography, Diane von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped, Gioia Diliberto writes that the designer persuaded women to buy her iconic garment by telling them, "Feel like a woman; wear a dress." It's a philosophy that might seem outdated today when gender is widely seen as malleable and as easy to take on and off as, well, a dress. Yet old-fashioned ideas about masculinity and femininity continue to shape behavior, as Caitlyn Jenner's hyper-feminine makeover, a 2015 reincarnation of "feel like a woman; wear a dress," demonstrates.

We see this gendered mindset today clearly in the arena of slut-shaming -- when women who are open about their sexuality are labeled "sluts "or "hoes" to be put in their place.

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